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via Daily Prompt: Fortune

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a. The chance happening of fortunate or adverse events; luck: He decided to travel, and his fortune turned for the worse.
I was fortunate.
People take this for granted,
until its gone forever.
Then they realize what they had.
But I’m no better than these people,
I’m in the same boat.
I wish I was still in our boat instead,
where I felt comfort.
It was just you and me there.
No one else in the world existed.
Now, with our ship sinking, I wish I was the one that didn’t exist.
You were the only person that could ever make me feel
safe in this world.
I knew when anxiety washed over me that you’d stop me from drowning.
You could just hold me and speak, and we’d transport to our safe haven through your
It was the only thing proven to work, but it’s lost now.
Maybe even forever.
I pray it’s not forever.

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