The night he told me everything

Who would have imagined…..

A girl, with so much love in her heart and anxiety on her mind, laid resting on the couch. Her whole world about to change before her very eyes. She didn’t know it, but when he walked down the stairs everything was different.

She wrote him a letter. It was that simple. That was enough for her. She thought, with hope in her soul, that it would suffice for him too.

It didn’t.

She could have guessed what was coming next by his body language as he descended down the stairs, but she was too tired to notice his stomp on each step. Maybe he didn’t mean to, but it was as if the heaviness within his heart leaked down and formed heavy cemented blocks around his bare feet.

He slugged over to her slowly and she finally took notice of the pain in his eyes. Sitting upright she greeted him with a simple “hey”.

His response wasn’t as casual. He looked down at her, sweat dripped from his forehead and a tear filled his eyes.

She didn’t understand. She was sure with all her heart their relationship wouldn’t and couldn’t come to this.

A pit developed in her stomach, like her body knew what he would say before he spoke.

With a hesitant tone and a crack in his voice, he said

“I’m not in love with you,”

and that was it.


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